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Activities to Try in East Walpole, MA


It’s easy to stick to the activities you already know. But when you live in an area that offers a ton of options for having fun and getting active, it’s worth trying something new! East Walpole, MA, has a venue for almost every athletic endeavor. We’ve rounded up some ideas for you to try that are all close to home at Alta Easterly. Head out with friends and family, or take time to yourself to try your hand at a new venture!


There’s no shortage of public golf courses in East Walpole for you to test your putting or driving skills. Golf is the perfect sport to learn as an adult because it’s tough, but also something you can continue to do for years to come. Brookmeadow Country Club is a public course about 3 miles from Alta Easterly that offers all the difficulty and beauty of the sport without the commitment of a membership. Once you fall in love though, you’ll be dying to get out on the greens every day! 


Tennis is a great activity to sharpen your reflexes and get your heart rate up. Find someone who matches your skill level so you can get a good rally going. If you want to keep things simple, plenty of public parks offer tennis courts that are first come, first served. But for guaranteed high-quality courts, Sharon Tennis Club is only about 3 miles from our apartment community in East Walpole. It offers unlimited play for one reasonable, annual fee. Starting up in tennis is pretty cheap, too. As long as you have a good pair of sneakers and athletic clothes, all you’ll need to pick up is a racket and tennis balls!


If you’re looking for an activity that’s as challenging for your mind as it is for your body, yoga practice might be your ideal hobby. Depending on the type of class you take, yoga can be a restorative time to heal your body, or a full-on workout that pushes you to break a sweat. And it’s another affordable activity to try! All you need for yoga is stretchy, breathable clothes and a mat. Check out nearby studios like Neponset Valley Yoga or Universal Power Yoga to decide which one fits you best before signing up for your first sesh!


Like yoga, barre is a form of exercise sometimes underestimated by those who haven’t tried it. While it may help to get in touch with your inner ballerina, as barre incorporates ballet moves, you don’t have to be a dancer to try a barre class. You might notice barre uses some movements similar to yoga and pilates, and also like those two forms of exercise, barre focuses on small, defined, pulsing movements to target specific muscles. Bike n Barre is less than a mile from Alta Easterly, and as the name implies, offers more than just barre classes! Try a spinning or yoga class there if you feel so inclined.

Rock Climbing 

Rock climbing is an awesome sport for those of us who experience cold winters. Climb outside when the weather’s fine, and during the offseason head to a local gym like Rock On Adventure. Climbing gyms are a great place for beginners to learn the basics before heading outdoors. Experts there can help teach you fundamentals so you feel ready to climb higher each visit.

Inspired to replace your next workout with one of our activities? When you choose Alta Easterly, all of these destinations will be close to home! Visit our site to learn more.

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